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Example of gratings for flooring and retarding coveringsExample of gratings for flooring and retarding coveringsGratings - Perforated metal planks - toothGratings - Perforated metal planks - parallelGratings - Perforated metal planks - Parallel raisedGratings - Perforated metal planks - BN open
Gratings - Perforated metal planks - closedGratings - Perforated metal planks - rhombicGratings - Ladder rungsGratings - Tailor-made treads
Example of gratings for flooring and retarding coverings

Perforated metal planks

Perforated metal planks
Perforated metal planks
Perforated metal planks

Perforated metal planks are produced from coils in different materials.
After an initial check has been carried out, coils are connected to CNC controlled production lines. Here the required product surfaces are punched and stamped out and the planks are then cut to size with the help of all relevant tooling.
The indicated module "R" should be kept during determination of length. Of course, deviating dimensions are possible, but include extra work during production. The production length of galvanized elements should not exceed 6000 mm. Thickness and production lengths of planks are determined by the applied load and material requested.
The punched planks are formed to a C-profile through a CNC controlled rolling technique.
Necessary cutouts are made according to the data steered by our complete integrated data processing system.
The cutouts are normally supplied complete with a binding bar, having the same height as the perforated metal plank.
Perforated metal planks can be provided with welded kick flats, supplied in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 14122-3, where the upstand shall be at least 100 mm above the tread area.
Galvanizing according to standard DIN EN ISO 1461.

Technical data sheet perforated metal planks (PDF)
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