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Example of gratings for flooring and retarding coveringsExample of gratings for flooring and retarding coveringsGratings - Forge-welded gratings - standard programmeGratings - Forge-welded gratings - standard programme
Gratings - Forge welded gratings - Heavy-duty gratingsGratings - Forge-welded gratings - serratedGratings - Forge-welded gratings - Special gratingsGratings - Forge-welded gratings - Stairtreads
Example of gratings for flooring and retarding coverings

Forge-welded gratings

Forge-welded gratings Construction - Gratings Permanent improvements in modern technology, partly protected by patent, in connection with decades of experience have assured Lichtgitter's place as the leading manufacturer of forge-welded gratings.

Gratings are fully resistance welded, by creating heat at the metal intersection points of square or round cross bars and solid bearing bars.

The resistance welding process produces gratings of high stability, maximum strength and optimal load distribution.

End bar welding
Lichtgitter forge-welded gratings have binding bars supplied in the direction of cross bars. A flat bar is used to provide binding on sides of gratings supplied in the direction of bearing bars, Heavy-duty gratings are provided with flat binding bars on all sides.

Square gratings
In accordance with the instructions of the professional associations, square forge-welded gratings (single gratings) should be avoided in order to ensure bearing bars are not running in the wrong direction during the erection. Deviations are permissible in case that the square forge-welded gratings are provided with supports for all four sides of the gratings (single gratings) or in case that arrangements are made to prevent an installation with bearing bars running in the wrong direction.

Technical data sheet forge-welded gratings (PDF)
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