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Example of gratings for flooring and retarding coverings

Pressure-locked gratings

Pressure-locked gratings Pressure-locked gratings
Lichtgitter pressure-locked gratings are used in the industrial sector as well as in civil engineering industries. In addition they are particularly well suited to all types of architectural applications like Facade gratings, ceiling patterns or convector covers. Pressure-locked gratings are made out of steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Under high pressure, unweakened cross bars are pressed into bearing bars that are shaped and conically slotted. The high pressure and the slit production of the bearing bars guarantee a firm, torsion rigid grating structure.

Production sizes
Pressure-locked gratings are produced in all construction heights and thicknesses demanded by the market. Maximum production dimension in direction of cross bars is 1400 mm.

Pressure-locked gratings with bearing bars of flat 20 x 2mm up to flat 40 x 3 mm are bound either with flat material or with two stiffening corrugations. Pressure-locked gratings with bearing bars larger than flat 40 x 3 mm are bound with flat material.

Quality standard
Lichtgitter has introduced and continuously developed production techniques that ensure continually high levels of safety. This is maintained by maximum possible automation guaranteeing a high standard of quality for our pressure-locked gratings.

Square gratings
In accordance with the instructions of the professional associations, square gratings should be avoided in order to ensure bearing bars are not running in the wrong direction during the erection. Deviations are permissible in case that the square gratings are provided with supports for all four sides of the gratings or in case that arrangements are made to prevent an installation with bearing bars running in the wrong direction.

Technical data sheet pressure-locked gratings (PDF)

Fixing Materials

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