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Example of gratings for flooring and retarding coveringsExample of gratings for flooring and retarding coveringsGratings - Forge-welded gratings - standard programmeGratings - Forge-welded gratings - standard programme
Gratings - Forge welded gratings - Heavy-duty gratingsGratings - Forge-welded gratings - serratedGratings - Forge-welded gratings - Special gratingsGratings - Forge-welded gratings - Stairtreads
Example of gratings for flooring and retarding coverings

Forge-welded gratings - Special gratings

Forge-welded gratings Special gratings
Photo SP-Grating - Special gratings

Forge-welded gratings with the particular bearing bar and cross bar pitches shown below (special gratings) are necessary for example, when small objects need to be prevented from falling through the grating. Smaller gaps between bars can also be achieved by welding suitable continuous round bars to the underside of the cross bars, in the bearing bar direction and between each bearing bar (offshore-gratings for specific offshore projects).

Technical data sheet forge-welded gratings (PDF)

Forge-welded gratings SP-special
Bearing barsPitches
 Bearing bar pitchCross bar pitch
25 x 2 mm
30 x 2 mm
40 x 2 mm
25 x 3 mm
30 x 3 mm
40 x 3 mm
16,60 mm
21,64 mm
30,16 mm
33,17 mm
41,46 mm
45,30 mm
24,0 mm
33,0 mm
38,1 mm
50,8 mm
76,2 mm
101,6 mm
SP-special gratings
Click to view - Sketch SP-Special - Gratings
Click to view - Sketch SP-Special - Gratings
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