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Example of gratings for flooring and retarding coveringsExample of gratings for flooring and retarding coveringsGratings - Advantages of GRP-gratingsGratings - GRP-gratings - mouldedGratings - GRP-gratings - moulded sandedGratings - GRP-gratings - pultruded
Example of gratings for flooring and retarding coverings

Advantages GRP-gratings

Chemical resistance
Photo GFK-Roste

Photo GFK-Roste

Photo GFK-Roste


  • High resistance to atmospheric corrosion
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • High chemical resistance

  • Application/treatment
  • Moulded gratings are capable of bearing in both directions
  • GRP-gratings are not heavy
  • Fast and easy assembly at site
  • Easy treatment
  • Easy fastening

  • Ergonomic
  • High level of comfort regarding standing and walking
  • Dynamic cushioning performance capability
  • Sound absorbing

  • Safety
  • No electrical conductivity
  • Slip resistant (up to R13)
  • No sparking
  • High impact strength
  • Long durability
  • Low level of conducting temperature
  • High thermal stability
  • UV-resistance
  • Hygienic and resistant to bacteria
  • Permissible in food sector

  • Logistic
  • Low transportation costs
  • Short delivery times
  • Easy storage

  • Aesthetics
  • Easy fitting to various forms
  • Colouring possible (in various RAL-colours)

    Lichtgitter GRP Manual (PDF)
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